This one is for my friend jose pedro. He is a fan of clive owen.

Sunny the bumblebee mutant

Inspired by a talk I had with Frankie Perez about powers that could potentially be more destructive than helpful. 

Zair the Hexed

Inspired by my friend Frankie Perez's new tattoo. Also a little bit of runescape, guildwars 2, and Diablo 3. 

Vampire and Zubat

Started off with a vampire, and he just got more and more ripped. 10 pack for the win! Gnight!

Underworld Taric Hammers 1-30

A few designs for Underworld Taric's Hammers. I feel like they are lacking in pushing the underworld theme but the colors will probably be slightly different in the final version than this gray and teal. Enjoy!

Underworld Taric WIP

Started the illustration of Underworld Taric. This is how far I got tonight. Made a few notes for myself to keep in mind for tomorrow.

Heartseeker Taric

Made a valentine skin for Taric from League of Legends. Struggled a bit with the pose, but wanted to try caputure some of the dynamic foreshortening that riot uses in their splash art. Still want to tweak a few things like the shoulder pad that is farther from us should overlap his shield, the hammer's bottom handle needs some love, and wanted to cover up his behind a little more haha. Oh, and add some crystal fragment particles flying in the air, perhaps even a few sparkles or light coming from the front of his shield like if he was using the "dazzle" ability.

Taric Redesign

Have been wanting to do a quick redesign taric from League of Legends for a while now. I decided to get rid of his hammer, and most of his armor, and give him an axe.

X-men Fan art

Was digging around through some old files and found some marco djurdjevic inspired x-men fan art. Enjoy!

Saturday Night Sketch

Exhausting day of moving, but here is the start of a piece I promised a friend. I'll have to continue working on this later, because I'm about to knock out but here is the beginning of it for you guys to see. Thanks Trung! *shakes fists* 

Fantasy Armor Study and Rendering

Armor Study (right):

Applying studies:

Hey guys, these are the studies I said I would do as preparation for the Fantasy Armor 2 video. There are going to be 3 parts to it:

Fantasy Armor 1: Starting a piece of armor
Fantasy Armor 2: Rendering,
Fantasy Armor 3: Polishing it.

I did a black and white study of that cool dude at the top of the post, that I suspect Anthony Jones did, but I'm not sure (AJ if you did it, it's awesome :P). And then moved on to apply what I learned from the study. I'll be sharing some of what I learned on the Fantasy Armor 2 livestream tonight if you're interested and you could watch me pickup from where I left off on Fantasy Armor 1.

you can watch it here:

edit: Didn't have enough time to do the livestream tonight, but learned a bit more from studies. That should make the video even better right?! :P. Here is tonight's study from photo ref:


Arachnid Warrior WIP (Demo for Kalen's Class)

This one is for Kalen's students who wanted to see where I am taking the rough concept from the class demo. Its gone through a bunch of changes already, and if you were in the class you might not even recognize it lol. Thank you whoever yelled out spider, its been really fun trying to design it and I'm kinda happy with it, for now (this was almost a rhino). The goal is to have the finished posted here by next week so we'll see if I end up doing that lol.